Who is it for?

It is for EVERYONE! Whether you are young or old, female or male, whether you have tried painting before or never even touched a brush, whether you consider yourself creative or not, you will have fun with us.

It’s perfect for a fun evening out with friends or family, for meeting new people, for team building or birthday parties or even for a first date.


I can’t paint. Are you sure is it for me too?

Yes! No experience is necessary at all. If you are able to write, you have the ability to paint as well. We will show you how to start.


What happens on our events?

Each event is dedicated to a painting. We will prepare all your equipment, so when you arrive, you just need to choose your seat, put on your apron to protect your clothes and you are ready to unleash your creativity. We usually hold our events in pubs, so you can order a drink or food to help you relax. (Food and drink is not included.) Our instructor will paint together with the group. She will explain everything: colour mixing and where to paint what. You just follow her step-by-step and at the end of the event you will have your own masterpiece – signed by you.


What if I can’t keep up?

We work in small groups so we can provide personalized service to our customers. You can interrupt the instructor, ask for personal help whenever you need. Our instructor will be happy to assist you. We want you to enjoy your time and bring home an amazing piece of art. So please don’t stress and don’t hesitate to request for assistance. We know that an empy canvas is a big challenge and we appreciate your courage. Your success is our success!


Can I paint something else?

Sure! Change the colours or anything else on the painting. If you’re feeling adventurous paint a totally different painting. Free-styling is always welcome! Please note that our instructor will dedicate most of her time to explain the listed painting.


What is included?

– Canvas
– Equipment (easel, palette, brushes, palette knives and other special tools)
– Paint
– Apron
– Step-by-step instructions
– Personal assistance


I would like to bring friends with me. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. We know that everything is better with friends so we offer a pretty generous group discount. Check it out!

Bring your friends along to celebrate your birthday and let us wish you a Happy Birthday with a complementary ticket!


I would like to book but none of the dates suits my schedule

Don’t worry. Choose the painting you would like to paint and a few dates that would suit you and send us a request to info@artisanvibes.co.uk. We will try to consider your request when we plan our future events.

If you collect at least 5 participants who want to join your chosen date, we will launch it in our event list (if the date is available) and when you buy your ticket you will even get the group discount applied.


I’ve booked my place. What do I need to prepare?

As we provide all equipment including an apron to protect your clothes, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself and your curiosity. We will work with colorful acrylic paints and despite wearing an apron little accidents may happen, so we don’t recommend you to put on your favourite white clothes for the event. If you booked a discounted or complementary ticket, please remember to bring your coupon/voucher that entitled you to apply the discount.


Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes! Please check our gift vouchers here.


What is ArtisanVibes’s Cancellation and Refund Policy?

It is very unusual that we cancel an event however it might happen due to sickness or low bookings. Where this happens we aim to cancel with more then 24 hours notice. You will be entitled to either a transfer of your tickets or a full refund.

Guests are welcome to transfer or cancel their tickets with more than 72 hours notice of an event. Between 72-48 hours notice we are able to transfer your ticket to another event but not offer refunds. With less than 48 hours notice, we cannot issue a refund or ticket transfer but you can pass on your ticket to someone else.


Can I eat or drink during the event?

Yes. We want you to feel comfy. Eat or drink, walk around or chat. Food and drink is available for purchase in most of our venues. A glass of wine or beer or long drink helps lubricate your creative process. In case the event happens in a venue where food and drink is not available, we offer snacks and drinks included.


Do your events have age limits?

Generally not. As our events take place in bars and restaurants, we generally apply the venue’s policy. Some of our venues are young-people-friendly, some of them operate with 18+ policy. Please check it at the event/venue description or drop us an e-mail to ask.


My question hasn’t been answered

Please contact us for more information.